Sunshine Coaching
Shining a Light on Your Path to Freedom 


What is Coaching?


The co-creation of a strategic partnership dedicated to the development and maximization of the clients full human potential. 


The purpose of the coaching relationship is to provide meaningful action, moving the client directly towards what they most desire and are becoming in their lives. 


The coaching alliance will create and hold a safe space for the discovery of values and strengths, new perspective, empowerment, and the realization of goals while providing structure and accountability.  Coaching will also offer direction, support, feedback, truth telling, structure, challenge and will call forth your magnificence!


Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Coach

Live a Fulfilled Life
Gain Perspective
Move Forward with Clarity
Maintain Focus
Achieve Balance
Challenge Yourself
Receive Guidance

Is Coaching For You?
Are you in transition of any kind?
Do you want and are you committed to change?

Do you want better quality in your relationships?

Are you finding yourself getting stuck?

Needing motivation?

Are you where you want to be financially, emotionally, spiritually?

...If any of these questions land for you, then YES


What Can You Expect?


Each client is different and will require a customized approach and as a result will have diverse outcomes.


Overall you can expect to accomplish goals, be better able to effect change, increase self esteem, improve communication skills, enhance relationships, reduce stress and eliminate obstacles. 


What Coaching is NOT


Coaching is NOT Consulting, Mentoring, Advice, Therapy or Counseling.




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